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Version history 7.x

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Version history 7.x

Version 7.9

  • added Nova theme – the new News theme (compatible with Nova DNN site theme)
  • One Page Blog Display – displaying of articles, comments and galleries on one page without opening details (LinkedIn style blog)
  • added One Page Blog Theme – the theme is intended for One Page Blog Display
  • added option for displaying related articles from each category (module instance)
  • other bugfixes and small improvements


Version 7.8

  • Share articles across portals
    • significant improvement of the current Cross portal sharing functionality
    • now you can display articles from different portals in the same module instance (until now there was the limitation of displaying articles from only one portal)
  • Custom title tag
    • from now on you can set a custom title tag for each article
    • a title tag is still automatically created from an article title if there is no custom title tag set
    • a lot of small bug fixes and other improvements


Version 7.7

  • added possibility of using multiline text box instead of html editor for summary and content field with the possibility of limiting the number of characters
  • added possibility of turning the main article image from displays in gallery
  • the new Chameleon gallery within articles for better performances of loading images
  • improved custom fields checkbox list and radio button list with added possibility of selecting the displays as a dropdown list or multiselect dropdown list
  • added new side next/previous button
  • added option for replacing standard DNN token in article summary and content
  • related articles – the support for custom fields and event tokens
  • added option for turning off/turning on the control bar in the list and article details
  • the possibility of adding author's contact email per article
  • improved search


Version 7.6

  • DNN8 compatible
  • the possibility of coloring categories in a calendar
  • Publishing limits – the possibility of limiting the number of article, number of categories, videos and documents that a user can add
  • added new SocialMediaBox Plus – a new lightbox-like viewer of images, videos, audios. Optimized for desktop and mobile devices (works in the integration with EasyDNNgallery 7.3+) - click here for the infographic
  • supported uploading, encoding and hosting of videos directly in the Vimeo Pro account (Vimeo Pro account needed and EasyDNNgallery 7.4+)
  • a new display of the contact form with the possibility of sending BCC emails


Version 7.5

  • major upgrade of Custom fields functionalities - click here for the infographic
    • the possibility of sorting articles per values in custom fields
    • the possibility of filtering articles per values in custom fields
    • new fields added: email, hyperlink, date/time, upload
    • new search fields added: Categories, Authors, Dates, simple search input, sort fields
    • horizontal or vertical advanced search bar
  • added HTML template editor
    • the possibility of editing and a backup of HTML templates (article list templates, article details templates and other templates) directly from the module
  • the possibility of event registration with payments for unregistered users - click here for the infographic
  • other smaller improvements and fixes


Version 7.3

  • possibility of sorting articles by custom fields
  • new simple HTML templates for Ozone theme
  • other small fixes and improvements
  • integration with EasyDNNmaps module


Version 7.2 Read more

  • Events
    • the possibility of receiving payments for registration to events
      (PayPal and Offline payments) Read more
  • Design
    • the new modern Ozone theme is added Read more
    • the Ozone is 8th in line theme that comes with a variety of different templates and 10 predefined styles
    • as by other themes, all the elements can be stylized with the StyleWizard module without any knowledge of CSS coding See video
  • New gallery functionalities
    • enhanced integration with the EasyDNNgallery module Read more
    • modern responsive Gravity gallery within articles (the EasyDNNgallery 6.6 is required)
    • the SocialMediaBox Lightbox-like media viewer that enables commenting of images, sharing, rating, liking
    • the possibility of opening galleries within articles on the specific page in the EasyDNNgallery - Gravity display
    • added SocialMediaBox for the Chameleon gallery within articles and the possibility of adding images to a specific page in the Gravity gallery
  • Other functionalities
    • the Previous and Next button for navigation inside articles
    • Facebook autoposting - support for the changes in the Facebook API


Version 7.1

  • Social events feature
  • Added timeline templates for Vision, Firefly and Triumph theme
  • Support for Wistia video service and possibility for uploading videos from the EasyDNNnews module (available only in the integration with the EasyDNNgallery module)
  • Added tokens for reaching all images from the article gallery, not only the Main article image
  • Upgraded import from Excel (possibility of importing localized articles)
  • Possibility of adding documents to a recurring event
  • Added support for Twitter cards
  • Integration with the DNN Banners module which enables adding banners within articles
  • Links template now supports displaying articles images which enables the usage of custom related articles
  • Permissions per article for document downloading
  • Bug fix for DST time change by recurring events
  • Other small bug fixes
  • Compatible with DNN 7.4. and Evoq 8


Version 7.0 - Read more

    • Possibility of registering users to events
    • Possibility of registering registered and/or unregistered users
    • Managing of registrations
    • Determining a time period in which registrations are possible
    • Possibility of unlimited registrations or limitation of seat number (attendants)
    • Determining minimum and maximum number of seats which a user can register
    • Possibility of creating custom forms for registration
    • Global permissions for an event registration or separately per event
    • Advanced system of invitations and reminders per event
      • Adjustable predefined email templates
      • Selection of users to which invitations and reminders are sent
      • Determination of sending interval
      • Possibility of creating unlimited number of invitations and reminders per event
    • Advanced notification system during registration
      • Adjustable predefined templates for sending notifications to an admin, an author or a user who has registered to an event
    • Interface for registration management
      • Manual user adding
      • Creating invitation and reminders
      • Editing user data
      • Moderating received registration with a possibility of declining registration
      • Displaying the list of registered users (the possibility of limiting it to a security role)
    • Double-opt in check during the registration of unregistered users
    • Modern pop-up registration form optimized for mobile devices
    • Enhanced HTML template, new tokens necessary for the event registration (Register button, number of free seats, number of subscribed users...)
    • The new URL provider clears the links from all parameters. This is an advantage for SEO.
    • From now on here is the popular masonry layout for displaying of articles.
    • Our Lightbox-like image pop-up viewer that is is optimized for displaying on mobile devices and it is possible to use it with the Lightbox and Chameleon gallery in articles. SocialMediaBox Lite is available only if there is an integration with EasyDNNgallery module. EasyDNNnews 7 works only with EasyDNNgallery 6.2 or newer version.
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