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Searching posts per custom fields

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Searching posts per custom fields

Searching posts per custom fields enables visitors of a website to search posts based on different criteria.

As an example you can take a real estate website. The data about real estates in your offer are entered in the custom fields. So you can have different types of real estates in your offer, such as houses, apartments, villas, offices and other. Real estates are located in different countries and cities. They have different prices, bedrooms, living area, parking spots and features.

Site visitor can set the criteria in the Advanced search bar and as a result he or she can get the real estates that suit their needs.

In the EasyDNNnews module posts are searched per custom fields by using of EasyDNNnews Search module > Advanced Search.  Add the EasyDNNnews Search module on a page. After that in the action menu select Edit settings. A new screen will open. The important options are labeled with red color.

Simple search or Advanced search
To allow searching per custom fields it is necessary to select the Advanced search option.

Search bar orientation
Here you can select a vertical or horizontal orientation of the Advanced search bar.

Select custom field group
Select a custom fields group based on which articles will be searched.

Search only articles containing selected CF group
If this option is enabled, only articles that contain the selected custom fields group will be searched. If this option isn’t enabled, all articles that contain a custom field based on which the search is conducted, will be searched, but a custom fields group won’t be taken in consideration. Notice: a same custom field can be in different custom fields groups.

Connect article categories with CF groups
Here you can attach different custom field groups to each article category. In this case, during the selection of category, the search option in the Advances search module will be changed per selected category.

Show clear button.
It displays to visitors of a website the button that resets the search settings of the Advanced search module.

Tip: Searching experience in the Advanced search module can be additionally enhanced with search fields and search criteria. Here you can find out more about search fields and search criteria.

Previous Article Filtering posts per custom fields
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