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Version history 5.x

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Version history 5.x

New in version 5.5

  • DNN 7.1 and MS Azure ready
  • the module supports the database object qualifier
  • implemented the iPortable feature for settings – allows exporting and importing of settings by using the DNN export/import feature
  • Filter menu - a new display in the Widget module that allows custom filtering and sorting of articles
  • Archive - a new option that allows you to display archive organized by months and years

New in version 5.1

  • import of events from iCalendar format
  • added Google news sitemap
  • improved caching for better performance
  • import from DNN Blog 5
  • German language pack available

New in version 5.0

  • A new theme the NewsTwo in 5 styles (color schemes) (demo)
  • A new free responsive skin NewsTwo in 5 styles (color schemes)
  • The previously available 4 skins (BlogOne, BlogTwo Dark, BlogTwo Light and NewsOne) have been updated and now support social web sites and a responsive layout. The module now comes with altogether 5 responsive skins for free in various styles (color schemes). (demo)
  • New themes (NewsTwo) for the Chameleon gallery (green, red, blue, grey, pink)
  • Permissions for add/edit forms - It is now possible to set permissions according to roles and users for all elements in add/edit form for the addition of articles. This option allows for the composition of custom add/edit forms.
  • A new satellite module EasyDNNnews Widgets - in 5.0 release there has been added a TreeView display, which allows for categories and articles to be displayed in the Treeview mode. This is a great tool for online help and similar catalogs.
  • An advanced Search module. Items are now searchable within „“ and autocomplete functions.
  • Improved Content localization – added a new option allows only for localized articles to be displayed. Another added option makes it possible for an article written in the default language to be removed from display. These options allow for various articles to be displayed for each particular language.
  • Added HTML template for the Tag cloud module
  • New tokens for HTML template
  • Added an option to display documents in the List mode, in addition to the Details mode
  • An article's display now depends on a set zone in DNN, rather than server's time
  • An option to add Title & description for the main article image
  • Enhanced speed of module performance, a multitude of improvements for a more stable and hassle-free work
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