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Advanced media management

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Advanced media management

Anyone who has been involved with publishing various types of articles has surely felt the need to add images or image galleries into articles. That can be a tiresome and time-consuming experience. First you need to resize images to a desired dimension, then upload them onto the server, and finally add them into articles. If you have made a mistake along the way, or you need to redo one of the steps, the whole process becomes even more complicated.

EasyDNNnews dramatically simplifies managing and adding images or image galleries into articles. Images can be added directly into articles. All you need to do is select images from your computer, click on Start upload, and the module will upload these images into the article.

Once added in this way, images can simply be displayed in a gallery below the article.

Moreover, you may wish to insert images to specific positions in the article. Nothing can be easier. For each image a token is generated, which then needs to be inserted at the desired position in the text, where we wish the image to be. The token editor will assist us to set various parameters and actions, such as image dimension, opening in the Lightbox, displaying the title, etc.

Token editor:

Token in the article:

The result:

In addition to adding images into articles, YouTube and Vimeo videos can also be added. They too can be added directly into the text via tokens. 

Any of the images added into the article can be set as the Main article image. It is one of the images we can display as a full-sized introductory image within the article, or it can be used as a thumbnail in the articles list.

The result:

There is also the option to tweak the settings in such a way that images are resized as they are being uploaded if their dimensions exceed permitted values.

All of the options described above are standard features of the EasyDNNnews module. If you need even more options, more varied display and settings, you can opt for integration with our EasyDNNgallery. All it takes is to install EasyDNNgallery at the same portal where the EasyDNNnews module is located, for these two modules to function as one. Naturally, you can continue to use EasyDNNgallery the same way you have previously used it for all the striking galleries at your web pages.

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