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Link management

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Link management

EasyDNNnews comes with in-built link management that enables simple adding of links to articles. The added links are displayed at the bottom of the article in a separate window, and by using tokens they can also be added to the article's summary or content.


In the add/edit form there is a Links panel enabling us to manage links. Several types of links can be added.

1) Types of links

External link 
Here we add links to external sites. In the URL field we add the desired link. In the Link title field we enter the title of the link, and in the Link description we add its description. Link description is a text that will appear below the link in the link box. To add a link, you need to click on the Add button.

Page link
Here we can select some of the links within our DNN portal.

Article link
Here we can add a link to any of the articles publish in EasyDNNnews module. Type the beginning of the desired document's title in the field "Search news articles" and click on the document offered to you. Click on "Add" button.

Existing link
If you have already added some links to articles, they do not be added again. They can be added from the list of existing list. To add an existing link to an article, you need to select "Add existing link". Then type the beginning of the desired link's title in the field "Search link" and click on the document offered to you. Click on "Add" button.

2) Editing links

Each document has its URL, link title, link description, target, label for the languages it is presented in, as well as its position's number.

Clicking on the pencil button will open a dialog window where we can edit the URL, link title and description, choose language(s) the link will be displayed in (this is only possible if at least one more language has been added to the default DNN portal's language). When we have finished, we can either save or cancel the changes.

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