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EasyDNNnews Workflows

EasyDNNnews module supports various article approval workflows. You can set workflow in module setting under section 5 “Article rating and approval”.


Workflow is assigned to an article. This means when you change workflow type in module settings it will be applied only to new articles.
EasyDNNnews modules come with 3 workflows: Direct publish, Content staging and Content approval.

Direct publish

When using this workflow articles that are added or edited are published and changes are visible when article is saved. Article author has option to publish article.



Content staging

When using content staging workflow author can create a draft version of article which will not be visible until approved and published.
When adding or editing article author can create draft version or publish it immediately.  Selecting the “Approve” checkbox article switches from draft to publish.


If author edits article and creates draft version of article, previously published version of article will stay to be visible to users until new draft version is published.

Content approval

When using Content approval workflow articles goes through approval process.


When article author can create draft version of article. When finished with draft author sends article for approval by selecting “Approve” checkbox and saving article.

After that article author can no longer edit article. Article is now in approve state and can be approved by an admin or a role or a user set in EasyDNNnews module settings under option “1. Permissions” and “Approve articles” set.
After that user with approve privileges can approve or reject article.

By selecting “Approve” checkbox article will be approved and published.
By selecting “Reject” checkbox article will be set to draft version and returned to article author for editing.
All editing will also be saved.


Creating custom workflows

To create a custom you need to go to EasyDNNnews module dashboard and open “Workflow editor” control.
In this example we will be creating a workflow with 2 approval stages.
Under “Add new workflow” enter workflow name and description and click “Add workflow”.


In work list click on edit states icon.

Each new created workflow has 2 states “Draft” and “Publish”. Now we can create our states that are between draft and publish. All states that we create are approve states which means the when article is in that state in must be approved by user with approve privileges.
Under “Add new workflow state” enter the name of new state.
Now create another workflow state. Now we have a workflow with 2 step approval process:
In this work user adds and article. Then it goes through designer’s approval and after that it goes through editor’s approval.
To select roles or users for “Designer approval” click on edit icon.


Turn off “All roles can approve” option and select roles or add users that can do “Designer approval” stage.

You can do the same for “Editor approval” stage. All roles or users added here must also have approval privileges set in EasyDNNnews module settings.

 To setup notifications go to EasyDNNnews module dashboard and open “System notifications” control. You can set notifications to be sent when article needs approval using “Request for article approval”. You can also send notification to author when his article is approved or rejected using “Send notification to author of article when article is approved or denied”.



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