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Integration of EasyDNNnews, EasyDNNgallery and EasyDNNrotator module

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Integration of EasyDNNnews, EasyDNNgallery and EasyDNNrotator module

Get the maximum out of your EasyDNNnews module, when integrated with EasyDNNgallery and EasyDNNrotator module. Easy to set up and easier to use.

Integration of EasyDNNnews and EasyDNNrotator modules

EasyDNNrotator module can automatically load articles from EasyDNNnews module and display them in one of its attractive sliders. This will contribute to your web page's appeal, it will enhance user experience and predictably contribute to your articles actually being read. Once you set up the options of loading articles from the news module, articles will be displayed in the rotator without any additional actions or setting up in the rotator module. Thanks to this feature, even authors and editors with very limited technical experience can now administer complex news or blog pages.


Main article image

The prerequisite for displaying of articles in the rotator is using the main article image within articles. If you wish to display an image from an article in the rotator, you need to specify in the module which image it is, and you will do that by marking it as the main article image. EasyDNNnews module has an in-built image management so it is very easy to upload images into articles, and the module will automatically adjust them and display them in articles. Whichever image you have uploaded into the article, you can mark it as the main article image. Main article image is not used only to display articles in the rotator – it is also used as the introductory or first image in the article. Furthermore, main article image is used to create thumbnails displayed on the list of articles.

Integration of EasyDNNnews and EasyDNNgallery modules

Although EasyDNNnews already arrives with its own integrated gallery management, the integration with EasyDNNgallery module offers a wider range of advanced options to manage multimedia in a simple way, with a better choice of attractive displays. When EasyDNNgallery is integrated with EasyDNNnews module, you can choose between more displays. Among supported displays, there are Chameleon gallery, Lightbox gallery, Video gallery and Audio gallery, including their predefined styles. There are also two new tabs in the interface, for an enhanced content organization. The shared tab serves as a shared gallery for frequently used images in various articles, whereas the Custom tab allows you to combine multiple galleries from other articles or from EasyDNNgallery module. If multiple galleries are used, Chameleon gallery organizes images into nested galleries, whereas Lightbox gallery will display all of them together.

In each article, according to your preferences, you can use a different type of gallery, but you can set up the option to use one single type of gallery across all pages. The integration is very simple, all you need to do is install EasyDNNgallery module at the same portal where EasyDNNnews module is used, and all the options described above will be available for you to use.

Next Article Integrate EasyDNNnews and EasyDNNrotator modules
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