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Cross portal sharing

Cross portal sharing

EasyDNNnews features cross portal sharing, which means that articles from a portal can be shared or displayed on other portals within the same DNN installation, without having to add the same articles again into EasyDNNnews. Articles can be edited only on the portal where they have been added into an EasyDNNnews module, and they can be displayed on an unlimited number of portals. Article details are opened on the current portal, that is, they do not lead to the portal they have been taken from.

Sharing the articles via cross portal sharing can be set up exclusively by the SuperUser.

To enable sharing articles onto other portals, it is necessary to click on the "Cross portal sharing" icon in the Dashboard of EasyDNNnews.

On "Cross portal sharing" administrator's page, all the portals you have within the same DNN installation will be displayed.

To enable sharing content across portals, click on the radio button "Select portals", which will open the "Select portals" link. By clicking on it, a pop-up will open, allowing you to select which portal or portals you want to share articles with.


After setting up the sharing of content across portals, we click on the button "Save" or "Save & Close".

After successfully setting up the sharing of articles, the receiving portal will feature the option to select a portal where the articles will be displayed in this instance of the module. A portal can only be selected if we use custom settings (instance).


Receiving of data is allowed in all the satellite modules as well (EasyDNNnews Calendar, EasyDNNnews Tags, EasyDNNnews CategoriesMenu, EasyDNNnews Search).

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