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Importing RSS feeds

Importing RSS feeds

Many web pages share their articles via RSS. EasyDNNnews allows you to automatically import articles from a desired RSS feed into the selected category. EasyDNNnews supports the standard RSS format, and it is also possible to import Youtube and Vimeo RSS formats. Automatic loading is managed by DNN schedule, which checks the RSS feed and imports new articles in set intervals. EasyDNNnews allows you to import feeds from different sources.

How to import an RSS feed into EasyDNNnews

To import an RSS feed into EasyDNNnews, you must:
1) set up the import of RSS feed in EasyDNNnews module's Dashboard
2) set the behavior of loaded articles in EasyDNNnews module's settings

1) RSS import

To set the import of an RSS channel into an EasyDNNnews module, click on the icon "RSS import" in EasyDNNnews module's Dashboard. 


This opens the administrator's page for adding an RSS feed to be imported.


Feed url
Enter the url of the RSS feed you want to import into the field "Feed url".

Feed author 
In the field "Feed author", first select the author's role, then select the author. In this case, the author is considered to be a user of your DotNetNuke portal, and he is not linked with the author on the web pages the RSS feed is loaded from.

Choose category to import feed
Choose the category into which the articles from the feed will be loaded.

Download RSS image and set it as main article image 
Switch on this option if you wish to load an image from the feed (if existing), and set it as "main article image".

Max number of stored articles
Here you can set the maximum number of stored articles. Older articles are deleted after importing more recent articles, if the overall number exceeds the set value. If the set value is 0, the number of saved articles is not limited, and articles will not be deleted.

Import is active
If this option is switched on, articles from this feed will be loaded into the news module as the schedule is activated (normally once every 30 minutes).

Max number of characters in summary
Here you can limit the number of characters to be displayed in the article's summary. If value 0 is set, all the characters will be loaded.

Feed type.
Choose the desired feed type. Available values are Standard, Youtube RSS and Vimeo RSS.

After adjusting all the options, click on the button "Set RSS import".

Note: In this way we have created a DNN schedule which will load the feed in set intervals. The default value is 30 minutes. The schedule will load the feed for the first time after 30 minutes. If you wish to load the feed immediately, go to DNN menu Host>Schedule, and start the schedule. It is also possible to set a different interval of importing the articles. After setting the feed to be loaded, it is visible, along with other feeds, on the administrator's page "Import RSS". It is possible to subsequently edit the settings of feed loading, delete the feed or delete the feed along with all the added articles associated with that feed.

2) Module settings – "17. Imported RSS articles"

In the EasyDNNnews module settings, section "17. Imported RSS articles", it is possible to determine the behavior of imported RSS articles.


Open article details of original article
If this option is switched on, the article's details (or read more) are opened in the original article, on the page they have been imported from.
Article contains link to original article
If this option is switched on, the article's details contain a link to the original article at the page it has been imported from.

Open RSS URLs in new window
If this option is switched on, RSS links will be opened in a new window.

The articles imported from the RSS feed


How to obtain an RSS feed of a Youtube user?


To obtain an RSS feed of a Youtube user, on the page click on the link "Uploads Query", enter User ID for the user whose videos you wish to load into the provided field, then click on the button "Submit" next to the chart "Resulting URL".



The generated URL is a feed URL you need to enter into the field "Feed url" when adding a feed to be imported into EasyDNNnews.


The imported videos from Youtube:


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