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How to create a custom field?

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How to create a custom field?

Custom fields are created in EasyDNNnews > Dashboard > Custom fields.

A custom field is created by clicking on Add Custom fields in the Custom fields manager and then selecting the type of field which you want to add. The possible choices are TextBox, CheckBox, MultiControls, Search fields and Upload fields. Types of fields are explained in the previous article.

After selecting the Field type, in the next step you choose a data type. A screen will show up where you enter a name of the custom field and other required data. Here you can also adjust other options of the custom field. The details about each option can be revealed by positioning the mouse pointer above the icon, after which a tooltip will show up with a detailed explanation of an option.

In the same way create all custom fields you need.


To be able to use custom fields in posts, it is necessary to create a custom fields group and add the created custom fields in the group. It is not possible to use custom fields which aren't added in a group. Find out more about the custom fields groups here.

Editing custom fields

If necessary, you can edit custom fields which you have created. In the Custom field manager click on the Edit Custom Fields button after which a list with all the created custom fields will show up. Possible actions are Edit and Delete. If you select Edit, a screen will open where you can change the settings of custom fields.

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