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Disqus comments

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Disqus comments

If you wish to use Disqus comments, you need to select DISQUS comments in the EasyDNNnews module's settings (section 11. Comments). Prior to that, you need to register your web site at

Disqus Site Shortname

Enter the shortname of your web site, assigned upon registration at DISQUS. If you are not sure what your shortname is, log to web site and look for this information under General tab.

Site online

If this option is switched on, that means that your web site is online. If your web site is still in development or testing stage, and therefore not publicly available, switch off this option.

After setting up all these options, DISQUS comments will appear under your articles. Setting up and moderating comments is possible within your DISQUS user account.

Previous Article Facebook comments
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