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Events and general functionalities

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Events and general functionalities

Events share all the standard functionalities when adding and displaying them with standard articles. They share the same interface for adding. You can organize events into unlimited number of categories. It is possible to add tags to articles and events. The advanced image management enables simple adding of images, gallery images, documents and links. The built-in Google Maps editor enables location adding in Google map.

Also, it is possible to enable comments on events, and social media icons enable article sharing through social networks. Multilingual contents are supported, meaning that it is possible to localize the content on more languages. The module generates SEO optimized links and it implements other good SEO practices for accomplishing better ratings on search engines.

HTML templates and tokens are used for displaying the list of articles and events. It enables a full control over the appearance of articles. Here you can also find the advanced system of permissions what enables precise setting up of the editing right and access to the content. Events are possible to search with the DNN search or the search engine that comes with the EasyDNNnews module. Let us mention also RSS and iCalendar that enable import of events to Outlook and similar applications.

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