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Displaying of events in EasyDNNrotator module

Displaying of events in EasyDNNrotator module

The EasyDNNrotator module is our module that brings the collection of attractive sliders and image rotators. The module can work on its own but also in the integration with the EasyDNNnews module when articles are automatically loaded from the EasyDNNnews module.

The same as standard articles, the EasyDNNrotator module can also display events published in the EasyDNNnews module.

To configure the integration of the EasyDNNrotator module with the EasyDNNnews module, in the settings of the EasyDNNrotator module it is necessary to select the News module as content source.

Using the option “Display articles and events” you can configure the display to only articles, only events or both. The option “Displaying of past events” enables the configuration of the displayed events whose start date has expired.


In the rotator displays that support templates, it is possible to use tokens: [EasyDNNrotator:EventDate] and [EasyDNNrotator:Location]. 

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