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Integration with OpenAI

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Integration with OpenAI

EasyDNN News 12 brings new applications of AI technology to you. The new features are designed to help you reach a much wider audience than ever before.

Here's an overview of how you can use AI in the EasyDNN News module:

  • Generate Articles with AI
  • Generate Images with AI
  • Improve SEO with AI
  • Translate Articles with AI – Communicate with Billions of People Worldwide in Their Native Language

How do you start using it?

To use this integration, you need to install the latest EasyDNN News 12 and have a user account on the OpenAI website Then, download the API key and add it to the EasyDNN News module API connection settings. After adding the OpenAI API key, you need to click on "Check OpenAI Key." The key will be verified for validity and you will be offered the option to select the API model that the API key supports. After selecting the model, you need to click on "Add or Update OpenAI API Key and Model. That's it; you're ready to use ChatGPT and DALL·E. ChatGPT generates texts and DALL·E images.


How to generate an article with ChatGPT?

After you add the API key to EasyDNN News, the Generate Article with OpenAi button appears in the article editor interface.


When you click the button, a dialog opens where you need to select language and style and give instructions to ChatGPT.


Next, click the Generate article with OpenAI button. The OpenAI API will generate the title, subtitle, article text, summary, and tags


The article will be copied to the HTML editor if you click the Copy text button. If you select the Replace option, all the text previously pasted into the HTML editor will be replaced. If you select the Append option, the text will be appended to the existing text.


You can see the result here. We couldn't agree more. :-)



How to generate AI images?

Click on the Add gallery button.


You will notice that a new option Generate image with OpenAI has appeared. Select this option.


Enter the description of the image you want, and select the number of images and the image size. Click Generate images. The AI will generate images, and to add the generated images to the gallery, click the Add image to gallery button. If you want the generated image to be used as the main image (introductory image), click the Set as main image button.



How to generate SEO elements with AI?

Open the "SEO Settings" tab in the article editor.


It is possible to generate these SEO elements:

  • Title tag
  • Meta description
  • Meta keywords

All fields can be generated at once, and there is the option to select one or more fields.


How to translate articles with AI?

Click on the Add translate button.



In the interface, there is a choice for AI translate with several options:

  • Selected language - translation of the selected language
  • All languages - translation of the article into all available languages
  • Only Language without translation - translation of the article only into languages where a translation does not yet exist

After selecting an option, you need to click on the "Translate with AI" button and wait for the translation to complete and save.


How to get EasyDNN News 12?

You can buy EasyDNN News 12 in the DNN Store. You can also buy it as part of the EasyDNN Theme & Module Collection, which we recommend because you get all our DNN modules and themes with an enterprise license for unlimited projects at a great price.


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