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How to setup auto-posting to LinkedIn

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How to setup auto-posting to LinkedIn

In order to set up the auto-posting on LinkedIn from EasyDNNnews, you will need a LinkedIn account and a LinkedIn developer account.


Open LinkedIn account:

Open LinkedIn developer account:


First, you will need to create the application on LinkedIn


Log in to your LinkedIn developer account and go to

You will see the following screen. Click on Create application:

Fill in all the required data to create a new application:

After that in Authentication tab of app settings fill in the following data:

-          Turn on all Default Application Permissions: r_basicprofile,  r_emailaddress, rw_company_admin,  w_share

-          Enter Authorized Redirect URLs: This URL is constructed from your domain name and DesktopModules/EasyDNNnews/LinkedInCallBack.aspx. So the URL would look like:

Click on update. Copy and save Client ID and Client Secret.


Go to the EasyDNNnews module, open Dashboard, and open API Connections control.

In the LinkedIn section, enter your Client ID and Client secret and click on Add or update LinkedIn app keys.

After that go to EasyDNNnews module settings. Select Custom Settings and in the section 18 Module Instance.

Open Autoposting to Journal and Social networks. Under LinkedIn section click on Open/Close LinkedIn connection panel.

After that click on 1 Connect to LinkedIn account.

A new window will open where you can give authorize your app to post on your profile.

After successful authorization, you will see message Data from LinkedIn received. Please return to your module settings.

Return to the EasyDNNnews module settings and click on option 2 Connect to LinkedIn account.

EasyDNNnews module is connected to LinkedIn now. All you have to do now is select where to post: on the profile or company page. 

After that click on Save settings.

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