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User event registration

User event registration

Events for which you set that the registration is needed when you added them, show the Register button when registering.


 To users who want to register to an event, after clicking the Register button a pop-up form will show up. The standard registration form includes First name, Last name, E-mail, Number of seats and Additional information field.


After filling this form a user will click on the Register button.

If the standard fields of the registration form are not enough, it is possible to expand them with additional fields. Additional fields can be created as custom fields, and these custom fields can be added in a group of custom fields. A group of custom fields is possible to choose during an event adding under the option “Field template of registration form”.

Custom fields in the EasyDNNnews module are created in “Dashboard > Custom fields”. Besides expanding registration form you can use them as additional fields in articles.


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