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Version history 9.x

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Version history 9.x

Version EasyDNNnews 9.0.


  • Added new calendar – Advanced Calendar 2

    • Advanced Calendar 2 is a new modern calendar that brings more flexibility and new possibilities compared to the existing Advanced Calendar

    • nine different views of articles and events in the calendar (monthly, weekly, daily…)

    • the possibility of displaying more information about articles and events in tooltips

    • the possibility of displaying events and articles in category color

  • Improved Article Manager

    • added the possibility of searching articles

    • added the possibility of filtering articles by a start date

    • added the possibility of selecting more categories when filtering articles

    • added the subtitle in the display

  • Improved Import-Export functionality

    • articles can be imported to already existing category

    • selecting categories from which articles will be exported

    • selecting a time period from which the published articles will be exported

  • Improved Event functionality

    • the possibility of disabling the double-opt-in validation for event registration

    • the possibility of defining different prices of registration to an event depending on a registration date (e.g. early-bird pricing)

    •  the possibility of creating different prices for different categories of buyers (e.g. students, seniors and similar)

    • the possibility of displaying only past events

  • Improved  tokens functionality in HTML templates

    • added the custom field expressions tokens – they let you check the custom field values in templates

    • added the querystring tokens – they let you check values in query string links in templates

    • added the new expression tokens – they let you check values such as category, author etc. in templates

  • Other

    • small improvements and bug fixes

    • full compatibility with the latest DNN and Evoq versions (9.1.1)

    • integration with EasyDNN Gallery, Rotator, Maps, and MailChimp requires the latest versions of this modules

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