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Different resx files per module instance

Different resx files per module instance

By using custom resx files you can customize the text used in module interface and other static text for every instance. 

Default localization files are located in /desktopmodules/easydnnnews/App_LocalResources/

In order to use custom resx files, in the default localization folder /desktopmodules/easydnnnews/App_LocalResources/ it is necessary to create a new folder, e.g. events (/desktopmodules/easydnnnews/App_LocalResources/events/). Then you should copy the resx files that you want to customize from the main directory to the created folder. It is not necessary to copy all the files but just the ones that you want to customize.

In the settings of the module (Main display settings > Custom resx folder) it is necessary to select the created folder Events. If the folder Events is selected, the module first checks this folder for the existing resx files, and if not, it reads the files from the default directory.

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