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Version history 7.x

Version 7.0. - Click for infographic

One of the most popular DNN modules in the new version 7 brings significant changes to the user interface and new functionalities.


What is new in version 7? - Click for infographic

  • New modern gallery management interface. Simpler upload of images, video and audio files.
  • New modern interface for adjusting displays and settings
  • Novelties in Gravity gallery display
  • In-place-editing - adding and editing content directly in gallery display
  • User upload
  • The possibility of approving of added items
  • Approval notifications
  • The possibility of setting the upload size limit
  • The possibility of resizing of images during upload
  • The possibility of reporting inappropriate content
  • Support for the new YouTube API for the RSS import
  • Added the new floating menu for an easier access to content and settings
  • Lots of minor fixes and improvements, updated scripts and video players etc.

Social gallery features

  • Gravity gallery can be used as a community gallery. Turning the option Community mode on, Gravity gallery becomes a social gallery where users can add their images, video and audio files, comment, rate, like and lots of other possibilities
  • Added in-place editing interface for adding and editing galleries, uploading images, videos and audios in users’ galleries
  • Choosing between the standard or in-place editing interface
  • Enhanced and simplified settings and the whole user interface


Version 7.3.

  • new SocialMediaBox mobile - a completely new mobile version of Lightbox with the possibility of commenting, liking and social sharing
  • improved option for reporting images
  • other improvements and fixes


Version 7.4.

  • DNN8 compatible
  • the new SocialMediaBox Plus added - the new Lightbox-like viewer of images, videos and audios. Optimized for desktop and mobile devices. Check out the infographic for more information about SocialMediaBox.
  • supported uploading, encoding and hosting of videos directly into Vimeo pro account

Version 7.5.

  • the new version of Chameleon gallery with better performances of loading images
  • improved comments in the Gravity Gallery
  • added interface for the possibility of editing and moderating comments
  • added possibility for approving comments before publishing
  • added notifications for approve, new comments...
  • added Google recaptcha for preventing SPAM comments


Version 7.6.

  • added Nova theme - the new theme for Gravity gallery (compatible with Nova DNN site theme)
  • other bugfixes and small improvements
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