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Version history 4.x

New in version 4.9

  • Lightbox and Chameleon gallery are now responsive

  • added lots of presets for Chameleon gallery


New in version 4.8.7

  • DNN7 ready


New in version 4.8.6 - Go Social with DNN and EasyDNNgallery

  • added support for DotNetNuke Social groups galleries in DNN6.2x


New in version 4.8.5 - Go Social with DNN and EasyDNNgallery

  • added support for DotNetNuke Journal and Users galleries in DNN6.2x

Read how to Go Social with DotNetNuke and EasyDNNsolutions modules

See demo


New in version 4.7.5

  • Cross portal sharing

Sharing galleries between portals

  • Added new Ligthbox control

Added new control to Lightbox view type which enables opening all gallery media directly in lightbox when displaying nested galleries (demo)

  • German language pack

German translation is now available for EasyDNNgallery


New in version 4.5

  • Chameleon gallery

  • New theme for Chameleon gallery (NewsOne)

  • Example 1

  • Example 2

  • An advanced gallery enabling display of title and description while passing the mouse over thumbnail through tooltips

  • Swipe&touch enabled, meaning it provides support for touch input devices such as iPhone, iPad…

  • Smart autoplay for videos (youtube, vimeo and mp4)

  • if autoplay option is turned on and a video is being played, the gallery does not slide until the video stops or stop button is pressed (this option has been available from 4.2 release, now additionally enhanced)

  • New CSS3 theme for Lightbox gallery, Lightbox portfolio… EDG_9_NewsOne.css

  • Example

  • Added Pinterest share button in Lightbox. Now images from Lightbox can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. Our Lightbox enables sharing a specific image, not the entire gallery which many other solutions provide.


New in version 4.4

  • Added option to create black and white thumbnails in the Chameleon view type.

  • Users can now edit only their own galleries and categories.

  • Added option to enable users to edit only the categories and galleries that they have created.


New in version 4.3.5

  • DNN search integration

Added support for core DNN integration. The following view types now can be searched through DNN search interface: Lightbox, Lightbox Portolio, Slide Show, Video Gallery, Video Gallery 2, Video Gallery 3, Audio Gallery, Audio Gallery 2, Image Slider 1, Chameleon gallery.


New in version 4.2.5

  • Added full screen option and other options to Chameleon gallery

Added option to display Chameleon gallery in full screen mode. Added options to display title and description when displaying images in lightbox from Chameleon gallery.

  • Bug fixes:

Fixed problem with automatic thumbnail creation when upload into Chameleon galley


New in version 4.2

  • Chameleon gallery

    • new dark theme (Phobos dark)

    • improved display of embedded videos (Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Dailymotion Cloud, Metacafe, Bits On the Run, BrightCove)

    • mp4 videos can be played in two different players (Standard and FlowPlayer)

    • supported swf format

    • added preloaders for thumbnails

  • Portfolio Lightbox gallery

    • added new navigation (left and right navigation bar) - horizontal navigation bar now can have an unlimited number of galleries

  • DailyMotion Cloud

    • now you can play videos from Dailymotion Cloud

  • Other

    • few bugs fixed


New in version 4.1

  • Chameleon gallery - new view type  (demo)

(images, videos, audios, lightbox, nested galleries)

Chameleon gallery is the gallery that you have waited for. It is developed by EasyDNNsolutions team exclusively for DNN and EasyDNNgallery module.

Make your web sites more attractive with this eye-caching and unique gallery.

  • Main features:

    • support for images, videos and audios

    • unlimited number of images, videos and audios

    • unlimited number of nested galleries

    • nested galleries are loaded on demand for better page load

    • support for pop-up in Lightbox

    • support for sharing images on Facebook, Twitter and Goolge+

    • jQuery based (it works on mobile devices)

    • easy adjustment

    • a lot of adjustment options for different gallery layouts (change positions of categories, thumbnails, titles and descriptions)

    • It has everything you needed for your site and much, much more.

  • Added support for streaming video (RTMP)

  • Significantly improved loading speed of Lightobx nested galleries.


New in version 4.0

Our well-accepted EasyDNNgallery module has reached its 4.0 edition. Through several versions that preceded this version, we have enabled sharing images through social networks for some layouts, and the most important novelty is the possibility of advanced integration with our newly introduced EasyDNNnews module.


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