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How to set up display

The purpose of Gallery settings is to select the gallery to be displayed in an instance of the module, to select one of about 20 offered displays and set up all display options, such as number of items per page, choice of theme, social sharing buttons, opening items in the Lightbox and many more.

To open gallery settings, it is necessary to switch the DNN page containing EasyDNNgallery to Edit mode. After this step, a toolbar will be displayed above the module. You should place the cursor above the pencil icon and choose Gallery settings from the menu.

After opening Gallery settings, the first step is to select the desired display. EasyDNNgallery provides over 20 different types of galleries, and here you can select the display you wish.

Continue by selecting the gallery to be displayed in this instance. First you should select a category from the drop-down menu, then the gallery. Alternatively, you can select one the few latest modified galleries from the menu Select last modified gallery.

In the next step, you can select the type of Lightbox and configure its options. Depending on the selected type of gallery, you can select either prettyPhoto or SocialMediaBox.

The next step is to set up all the parameters of the selected type of gallery. Options have descriptive names. 

Finally, all the changes need to be saved by clicking on Save settings or Save & Close.

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