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Upgrading the module to the latest version

When upgrading a module, it is about installing a new version of the module on top of the existing version. All data and settings are saved during the upgrade. You only need to back up the default files if you have modified them such us HTML templates or CSS.

1. Unzip the file that you previously downloaded from our website (trial version) or DNN store (production version). The install file is within the zip file e.g.

2. In order to be able to install the module, you need to login in DNN as SuperUser (Host).
3. In DNN open the menu DNN settings > Extensions.
4. Click on the Install Extensions button.
5. Select the install file from your computer (e.g. and start Upload.

6. After the module is uploaded the basic information about the module will be displayed. Click on the Next button.
7. The release notes about the module will be displayed. Click on the Next button.
8. The license agreement will be displayed. Check Accept License and Click on the Next button that starts the installation of the module.
9. After successful installation of the module the installation log is displayed, and you need to click on the Done button.

Previous Article Buying renewal versions
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