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Version history 6.x

Version 6.3

  • added SocialMediaBox Lite (a mobile friendly Lightbox) in the Chameleon gallery and Lightbox gallery
  • added the possibility to export and import galleries with the possibility to select a category that will be exported or imported
  • improved the possibility of moving galleries between categories
  • along with the Gravity gallery now the Chameleon and Lightbox gallery support the permissions for galleries and categories


Version 6.2

  • added the new "SocialMediaBox Lite" in the Gravity gallery
  • possibility to display items in a simple type of the Lightbox
  • mobile friendly version
  • added a mobile friendly version of the standard SocialMediaBox
  • improved the responsive mode of the Chameleon Gallery
  • added the possibility of disabling the All button in the Portfolio Pro view
  • added the possibility of setting the image quality


Version 6.1.5

  • fixed a potential security issue


Version 6.1

  • improved displaying in Lightbox of images from 4th level (details) – the possiblity to display all images from the gallery, not only the one that was opened in Lightbox
  • fixes related to the social (community) mode
  • improved caching of images for better peformance and other small fixes


Version 6.0

  • A new display: Gravity gallery - See all features | Demo
  • A new generation advanced gallery
  • Displays images and plays videos and audios (MP3)
  • Fully responsive, masonry layout, infinite scroll paging, template-driven layout, different themes
  • Nested galleries (4 levels), RSS feed, EXIF, geolocation (Google maps), scheduled publishing and draft mode
  • Social sharing buttons, comments, ratings, like buttons, download option, SocialMediaBox
  • Can be used either as a presentation web gallery or a community gallery
  • A new display: Portfolio PRO gallery - See all features | Demo
  • A modern gallery display intended for portfolio-type content
  • Displays images and plays YouTube and Vimeo videos
  • Fully responsive, nested galleries, Lightbox, full screen description
  • Caption animation, predefined layouts, different sorting options
  • Other important news in EasyDNNgallery 6.0
  • Improved the responsive mode in the Chameleon gallery
  • Lightbox Portfolio gallery is now responsive
  • Slideshow with thumbnails 3 is now responsive
  • HTML5 uploader – the old flash-based uploader has been replaced by HTML5 uploader, so the items can now be uploaded even from mobile devices and tablets
  • RSS import (option to automatically import content from YouTube, Vimeo, Flicker…)
  • Permissions for categories and galleries (only for Gravity gallery)
  • Addition of Dashboard
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