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Version history 5.x

New in version 5.5

  • DNN 7.1 and MS Azure ready
  • the module supports the database object qualifier
  • implemented the iPortable feature for settings - allows exporting and importing of settings by using the DNN export/import feature


EasyDNNsolutions proudly presents EasyDNNgallery 5 and SocialMediaBox

SocialMediaBox is a new Lightbox-like media viewer which brings to DotNetNuke the best practices of displaying and sharing images (and other supported multimedia files) in the way you have become familiar with through social networks. Strongly integrated with social features of DotNetNuke (6.2 and later), SocialMediaBox enhances the experience of displaying and sharing images to an entirely new level. It will make your social sites more fun to visit, more attractive and more professional, placing users more tightly into social interaction.


New options available with SocialMediaBox:

1. SocialMediaBox makes it possible to open, view, comment, rate and share images added to EasyDNNgallery used in community mode (DNN 6.2 and later)

2. Option to open images published in the Journal. Images published in the Journal thus become clickable and they can be opened in SocialMediaBox.
When applied in this way, SocialMediaBox shares functionality with the DNN Journal module. It is possible to like or comment an image. Comments added in SocialMediaBox are visible in the Journal, and vice versa.

3. SocialMediaBox can also be used in the standard mode of the EasyDNNgallery module, without a need to integrate it with DotNetNuke's social features.  At the moment, SocialMediaBox is supported in two displays within EasyDNNgallery: Lightbox gallery and Chameleon gallery display.

Depending on selected settings, SocialMediaBox makes possible:

  • display of information on the user sharing the images (user's name and avatar), as well as adding the user as friend or following the user
  • display of image's title and description
  • display of social sharing buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest)
  • display of Download button
  • display of Send link button
  • display of gallery images thumbnails
  • option to comment images
  • option to rate images

> SocialMediaBox new social media viewer for EasyDNNgallery 5 and DotNetNuke

> How to use SocialMediaBox for images in the Journal

> Read how to Go Social with DotNetNuke and EasyDNNsolutions modules


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