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Adding content to gallery in Manage Content

Content must be added to galleries. EasyDNNgallery supports images (JPEG, GIF, PNG), videos (MP4 .h264), embedded videos (YouTube, Vimeo and some others) and audios (MP3). It is possible to add all types of content to a single gallery, but it depends on the selected type of gallery whether all the types can actually be displayed within it.

Content in EasyDNNgallery is organized as follows:

Categories – one category can contain multiple galleries.

Galleries - one gallery can contain multiple items.

Items – images, videos, audios. These can be added to galleries.


To add content to your gallery, place the cursor above the pencil icon and select Manage content.


In this step you need to select a category. If no categories are present yet, you need to create one. Enter the category's name into Category name field and click on + button.


Select the desired category by clicking on Open in front of the category's name.

The next step is to select an existing gallery, or create a new one. To create a gallery, enter a name into Gallery name field and click on + button.

Create a new gallery or select an existing gallery by clicking on Open in front of the gallery's name.



After selecting a gallery, you can see the list of items that have already been added. Naturally, if the gallery has just been created, it won't contain any items.

Below the list of items there is a control for adding items to gallery. You need to select the type of content you are adding (images, video, audio), and then set the method of uploading (e.g. single image upload, multi image upload, Upload ZIP file, Add images from server folder).




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