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To open the interface for content management, it is necessary to switch the DNN page where the module is located to Edit mode.


Having done that, you will notice a toolbar above the module. The first icon in the toolbar is the pencil icon. Place the cursor above the icon, which will display the menu. Select Manage content.


The content in EasyDNNgallery is organized in the following way:
categories – contain galleries
galleries – contain items (images, video and audio files)


To add items to galleries, you need to:
Select or create a new category.
Select or create a new gallery.
Add items to the selected gallery.

A category contains galleries (a gallery is a set of items). A single category can contain an unlimited number of galleries.

When you have reached the Manage content page, you will notice the form called Add New Category. In the field Category name you should enter the name of the category, and in the field Description you should enter the category's description. Description is an optional field. Click on + button to create a category.


By clicking on Open button you open the selected category. After that, you can select an existing gallery in this category or create a new gallery.


By clicking on Edit button you can change the category's name and description. Save your changes by clicking on Update, and cancel them by clicking on Cancel.

By clicking on Delete button you can delete the selected category. A category can be deleted only if it's empty, that is, if it doesn't contain any galleries.

By clicking on Setup permissions button, you can edit View and edit permissions. View permissions set up here relate only to display in Gravity gallery, and will be disregarded in all other displays.

By setting up edit permissions you can determine who can open or edit a category. Permissions can be granted to DNN roles or they can be added to the list of individual users who can be granted permissions.

After setting up permissions, save your changes by clicking on Save permissions button.

A category's position in relation to other categories can be changed in two ways.

1) By clicking on arrows you can change the order of galleries.


2) In Positions fields, which contain numbers such as 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 etc., you can change the order of categories by entering numbers. For instance, the gallery at position 30 can be re-positioned between galleries positioned as 10 and 20 respectively, by changing 30 into 15 (all whole numbers can be used). Click on Save positions button. The new order will be 10, 15, 20, 40, 50 etc.




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