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Vimeo API setup guide

First you need to login to your Vimeo account. This is the account to which videos will be uploaded.

Go to the Vimeo developer apps page: and click on the “Create new app”.


Fill in the required details:


After you’ve created an app, click on the “Request Upload Access” in the next step.


In the Request Upload Access step fill in the following details:

  1. Will you be charging for MyWebApplication? Select No.
  2. Where will these videos be uploaded? Select My account.

          Who created these videos? Select I created these videos.

          You can select “Other people created these videos” if you have paid Pro account.

  1. What kind of videos will be uploaded? Write what kind of videos will you be uploading.


After that you will have to wait for Vimeo to approve your application and grants you an upload access. This will take a day or two. When you receive the upload access go to your app page.


Click on “Authentication”.


Under “Generate a new Access Token” check the “Upload” option and click on “Generate Token”.


You will receive an access token in “Your new Access token:” field. This is the token you need to copy and paste into EasyDNNgallery.

Go to the EasyDNNgallery module. Open API Connection control form the Dashboard and enter the API access token you’ve received. 


Next Article EasyDNNgallery and Facebook integration
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