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How to set up Gravity gallery

The first step is to select Gravity gallery as the type of gallery you wish to use. Select Gravity gallery in Gallery settings.

In Customize display you can select the desired theme, style, category template, gallery template, item template and details template.


In Select categories and galleries to display you can choose which categories and galleries you wish to display.

In Choose categories the list of all categories is visible. Any desired gallery can be added to the list by clicking on it.


You can remove selected categories from the list by clicking on those you don't wish to display any more.

In Choose galleries, when Display all galleries from selected categories option is checked, all the galleries from selected categories are displayed. If this option is unchecked, you will be able to select only those categories you wish to display.


Galleries that will be displayed are selected by clicking on the gallery you wish to add on the list of galleries to be displayed.

You can remove any selected gallery from the list by clicking on the gallery you don't wish to display any more.

In Display levels you can switch on or off individual display levels.


Categories level
At this level, all categories selected to be displayed are shown.

Galleries level

At this level, all galleries selected to be displayed are shown.

Items level
At this level, all items from a selected gallery are displayed. Depending on settings, an item can be opened either in Lightbox or at item details level.

Item details level
At this level, both an item and its details are displayed.

According to your needs, various combinations of display level are possible.

Setting up options for each display level

It is possible to independently set up the appearance and functionality for each individual display level. You can set the thumbnail size, set up options of title display and description display, set the number of items per page, choose the method of sorting, switch on social sharing buttons, and much more.





General options

In General options you can set up additional display options.

Here you can select your avatar provider, choose the method of image cropping and using Lightbox, and set up the options of SocialMediaBox.


Google maps settings

In Google maps settings you can enable using Google maps, and set up additional options related to Google maps display.


For Google maps to be functional, it is necessary to add Google maps API key in Dashboard > Google maps.

RSS options

In RSS options you can set up RSS options.


After setting up all the options you need to save your settings by clicking on Save settings button.

Setup permissions

In Setup permissions you can set up all permissions available to users. Permissions can be granted to DNN roles or to individual users.




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