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Version history 9.x

Version 9.0.

  • added the Social stream display
    • Social stream display displays albums and images from Facebook pages
    • changes on Facebook are immediately visible in Social stream display too
    • possible displaying of all albums from Facebook or select specific albums
    • 3 levels of displaying (Gallery/Album > Items > Details)
  • other small improvements and bug fixes
  • the integration with the EasyDNN NEWS module requires EasyDNN NEWS 9.0
  • full compatibility with the latest DNN and Evoq versions (9.1.1)


Version 9.1.

  • Social stream display – added possibility of displaying albums and images from Flickr
  • added possibility of importing images from Facebook pages
  • added possibility of importing images from Flickr albums
  • added possibility of deleting unused images
  • added possibility of setting the default auto-resize option when uploading images
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