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Adjusting the appearance and style of the sliders


In the previous section we explained how to add content to the module, i.e. to create a List and add content that will appear in the slider. In this chapter we will explain how to choose the type of slider you want and how to adjust it to fit your website.
Let's start...
After adding the module to the site and creating at least one List, it is necessary to select the type of slider and adjust display settings.
In order for your instance to actually display something, it is necessary to select one of the lists where content have been added, then select the type of rotator or slider and set up the options.
To manage the settings, place the cursor above the pencil icon and select Rotator settings.


After that, you will be navigated to a page on which you need to adjust the settings.

Step 1 – Select the Rotator type.

Step 2 – Select a content source

Lists – select this option to display lists created in EasyDNNrotator module.

News module – select this option to set displaying of articles from EasyDNNnews module.

Gallery module – select this option to use galleries from EasyDNNgallery as a source.

Gravity gallery – select this option if you want to display galleries added to Gravity gallery display of EasyDNNgallery

Step 3 – Tweak the options of rotator display.

Step 4 – Save your settings.

Then select a category and the list you want to display, which can be any of the created lists.


Once you have selected the list you want to display, predefined settings of some slider types will appear. Choose the desired settings by clicking on the Load button or you can choose from the dropdown list.



After that, it is necessary to adjust the appearance settings. Choose a template from the Select custom template dropdown menu (currently there is only one template).

From the Select theme menu choose slider theme.

In the Number of content to rotate field enter the maximum number of items from the list that will be displayed. If the default number is 0, then all items from the list will be displayed.

The sketch shows the elements of the slider. You can click the name of an element, e.g. Navigation arrows and you will be positioned at navigation arrow customization settings.


All settings that can be adjusted are thoroughly described in tooltips that appear when the user pauses the mouse pointer over the button.


Once you have set all the settings, click the Save Settings or Save & Close settings button.





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