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EasyDNNrotator User's Manual


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How to add a module to a page

Click on DNN menu Modules, select Add New Modules, find EasyDNNrotator module and drag it onto the page.



Click on Edit this page button in DNN menu.


Above the module, a toolbar will be displayed.

Place the cursor above the pencil icon. This will display the following menu:


Manage content - opens interface to add content (images, videos and HTML) that will be displayed

Rotator settings - opens interface to select the slider's appearance

Crop tool - opens interface to crop the image. General settings – jQuery settings for DNN versions below 6.

To start using the module, first we have to add content to the module or select as a source EasyDNNnews or EasyDNNgallery module. For more information on how to add your content to the module, read the next chapter.


Next Article Adding content to the module
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