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Version history 7.x

Version 7.0

  • Added two new responsive displays
  • Testimonials rotator - great for displaying testimonials, persons, teams or articles from the EasyDNNnews module (the EasyDNNnews 6.6 is required) - Demo1, Demo2, Demo3, Demo4, Demo5, Demo6
  • Device rotator - comes with 4 devices (monitor, laptop, tablet and smartphone) in which products, screenshots or articles from the EasyDNNnews module can be displayed - Demo1, Demo2, Demo3, Demo4
  • Added the new Ozone theme for the MultiCarousel rotator
  • Added the export-import option which enables moving content to another site
  • Added the possibility of displaying the price for event registration from the EasyDNNnews module
  • added the new floating menu for an easier access to content and settings

Version 7.1

  • added a new display type - Thumbnail Rotator - Demo
  • other smaller improvements and fixes

Version 7.5

  • New modern management interface
  • New modern interface for adjusting displays and settings
  • new HTML upload
  • other improvements and fixes

Version 7.6

  • DNN8 compatible
  • the possibility of sorting per custom fields from the EasyDNNnews module (required EasyDNNnews 7.3+)
  • a new display - Slider with animated layers

Version 7.7

  • Performance update
  • creating more different image sizes which are then loaded depending on screen size
  • significant improvement of load speed on mobile devices
  • Chameleon rotator - the improved performance of loading images with the built-in image preloader

Version 7.8

  • multiportal sharing option - the possibility of displaying articles from  the news module from more portals (Important: for integrating with this version of the EasyDNNrotator module you will require EasyDNNnews 7.8+)
  • other bigfixes and small improvements
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