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Version history 1.x

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Version history 1.x

Version 1.2

  • added possibility to upload custom marker icons
  • added possibility to edit the description of markers in the HTML editor
  • other smaller improvements and fixes

Version 1.3

  • added possibility for changing the position of a marker
  • automatically positioning on the map when clicking the marker in the marker list
  • option for the possibility of displaying HTML content in the marker list

Version 1.4

  • added possibility to localize the interface
  • added possibility to localize markers
  • added help tooltips for options
  • added Street view - the possibility to set a starting position in Street view and open Street view positions by choosing markers – demo

Version 1.5

  • marker import from KLM, KMZ and CSV files
  • added possibility to display clustered (grouped) markers

Version 1.6

  • added directions functionality
  • added zoom button in bubble
  • added street view button in bubble
  • added possibility of displaying marker title in bubble

Version 1.7

  • DNN8 compatible
  • the possibility of adding Custom overlays from KML/KMZ files
  • options for displaying Bicycling, Transit and Traffic map layer

Version 1.8

  • added possibility of selecting custom style maps
  • improved direction functionality
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