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Managing the map's markers

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Managing the map's markers

Marker management

The Marker management panel offers you the ability to add new map markers and/or edit existing ones. By clicking on the Add marker button you can pinpoint its location by searching for it in the provided field, dragging the marker itself to the desired location on the map, add information about it, center it on the current map position or set it up yourself, choose an icon for the new marker and choose any category for it (if applicable).



Once the marker has been added, you can edit its information, delete it, edit its HTML or center the map on it with the options provided below the appropriate marker in the list.

NOTE: To permanently save and bind the markers to the map, don't forget to save the map settings!

Marker view settings

This subsection covers the marker appearance settings and visibility of some marker features.


Show marker title in marker bubbles - show the marker title above the description inside the marker bubble.

Open marker bubble on hover - enabling this will result in marker bubbles being triggered on hovering above them, instead of the default click trigger.

One marker bubble at a time - only one marker bubble can be active at any one time.

Group nearby markers in a cluster - depending on the zoom level, you can group the neighbouring markers into a cluster so that they are focused on together when the cluster is clicked.


Marker list view

Show marker list - enable this option if you want to have a list of markers visible below the map at all times.

Render marker description as HTML in the list - if the previous option has been enabled, you can choose to render marker description as HTML so that it doesn't get stripped out in case you have custom descriptions or CSS associated with it.

Filter by distance

Show "Markers in radius" slider - enables a marker filter which filters markers and shows only those which are inside it's area. Users can modify the filter's position on the map. If the marker list is enabled, it is modified accordingly.

The slider option can be futher configured. The following options are available:

  • "Markers in radius" default radius unit - choose from kilometres (km) or miles
  • Maximum "Markers in radius" radius - maximum allowed radius for the filter
  • Default "Markers in radius" radius - default radius size
  • Initial filter state: choose wether you want the slider option disabled on load, enabled or always enabled (without allowing the user to turn it off)


Enable marker directions - enables the user to get directions from/to any marker on the map.

Additional directions can be set, such as location search and "My location" button availability and the default travel mode selection.

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