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EasyDNNmaps inter module communication

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EasyDNNmaps inter module communication

EasyDNNmaps supports DNN module feature “Inter Module Communication”. Inter Module Communication enables you to send data from one module to another on the same page. To learn more about it visit:

To use Inter Module Communication in the EasyDNNmaps module first you must enable the feature in EasyDNNmaps module settings:


Now your module can send data to EasyDNNmaps module. You can send marker data in JSON format. EasyDNNmaps module will then show those markers. Your module must be positioned before EasyDNNmaps module on the page.

Here is JSON format example:


             ""title"": ""Marker title"",

             ""description"": ""<p> Marker description </p>"",

             ""position"": {

             ""latitude"": 44.8941115,

             ""longitude"": 15.4237667



Here is example of making Inter Module Communication call. The parameter target must be set to “EasyDNNmaps”.

ModuleCommunicationEventArgs mcArgs = new ModuleCommunicationEventArgs(this.GetType().ToString(), jsonExample, this.GetType().ToString(), "EasyDNNmaps");
ModuleCommunication(this, mcArgs);

For more info please take a look at example module.


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