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Managing the map's categories

Managing the map's categories

The newly introduced interactive categories allow you to create, edit, delete and move categories dynamically. This functionality is developed in a way that makes it easier to modify the category hierarchy at will. You can move the existing category into another category and make it its subcategory, change the order of entire tree branches simultaneously simply by grabbing the move icon on the category of your choice and drag it through the hierarchy and so on.


Adding/editing categories

By clicking on the Add category button you get an option to add a new category to the list. The following fields are available:


Category name - name of the new category.

Widget icon - the main icon of the category. If selected, it will be visible beside the category name on the category tree, alternatively, if left default, it won't show on the category tree.

Marker icon - the alternative icon for the marker the category belongs to. If the category setting "Use category marker icon" is selected, the original marker icon will be replaced with the category marker icon. If the option is selected but the category marker is not, the marker on the map will have the default icon.

Default category status - manages the default status of the category. If the Default option is selected, the category will appear checked on the category tree only if the "Show categories with markers on load" setting is enabled and if the category has a marker associated with it. The Checked option will enable the category to appear checked on the category tree. The Unchecked option will enable the category to appear unchecked on the category tree.

Active - if this option is unchecked, the category will be visible only in Edit mode and will not be shown in the View mode. All the subcategories associated with this category will be hidden as well.

Parent category - visible only while adding categories. Selecting a parent category from the list will set the newly created category as a subcategory of the selected parent category. If the "None" option is selected, the category will be displayed as a primary independent category.

NOTE: For the created categories to be visibile on the map be sure to enable the Categories widget by turning on the appropriate option in the Map editor > View settings > Widget settings > Category filter settings > Show category widget or read the Category filter settings section here.

Managing the category list

Each category in the category list has a variety of actions associated with it. Besides the widget iconmarker iconactivity and status icons that are displayed to the right of the category, there are the edit icon, localization icon and the delete icon. Only a category that has no subcategories can be deleted and depending on the number of markers the category is bound to, opting to delete a category will result in an appropriate message - whether the categoy contains markers or not. Furthermore, it is also possible to directly add a subcategory to a desired category by clicking on the Add category icon at the far end of the category node.


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