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Integration with EasyDNNnews

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Integration with EasyDNNnews

The EasyDNNnews module can easily be integrated into the EasyDNNmaps module. Following that, it can display all the news features - locations which are added to articles, events, real estates… EasyDNNmaps module can also display search results of the EasyDNNnews Advanced Search module.

To integrate EasyDNNmaps module with EasyDNNnews module, in the Map editor click on News integration button.


The following options will be displayed when the news integration is enabled:


Module visibility - the following options are available:

  • Always show module (default) - the module is always visible regardless whether it is a displaying of a list or article details
  • Visible only when listing articles - the module is visible only when the article list is displayed. (Admin and host users can see the module all the times)
  • Visible only when displaying article details - the module is visible only when article details are displayed. (Admin and host users can see the module all the times)

Base News instance

Choose a base EasyDNNnews module instance in which article details or event details will be displayed. It is also possible to choose an EasyDNNnews module instance in which details will be opened. Furthermore, for each category in the module's category list you can specifically set the marker and widget icons for the specified category, as well as the category status.


Show markers from article - if this option is turned on, during the initialization markers (locations) will be displayed on the map. If this option isn't turned on, markers won't be displayed during initialization, but they will be displayed as results of a search of EasyDNNnews Advanced Search module.


Total number of articles to display - determine the total number of articles you want to display. The amount of articles displayed will depend on the value provided. Select Show all if you want to display all articles.

Article types to display - choose an article type that will be displayed. Possible choices are articles, events and both.

Events to display - choose between setting all the events to be displayed (Show all) or only the events until certain number of days in the past (Limit to number of days in the past).

Categories to display - choose between displaying all the available news categories or select the desired categories you would like to be displayed yourself.

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