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Setting up the map's display

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Setting up the map's display

The EasyDNNmaps module offers plently of map customization options, starting from the skins your map is going to use to hiding the default Google controls on the map's inteface.

The initial map adjustment and setup, such as the map type, the inital zoom level and centering and the ability to enable or disable the scrollwheel zoom are the first options shown to the user.



The Map type option offers the users to select between a few Google-defined types such as RoadmapSatellite and Hybrid - and under the Other category, the newly introduced Snazzy maps styles. You can choose between quite a few provided custom map styles or you can create your own and import it by selecting the Snazzy Maps Import option. To create the custom style, visit, select any style already created or create your own, copy the generated JSON text and paste it in the provided field as shown on the image below. Name the style and save it - and that's it. Select your newly created style and apply it to your map.


The inital map centering is defined by entering the Latitude and Longitude values or simply searching for the location you want to be the map's center. Alternatively, you can click on the Get my location button above the map and center it that way. The default zoom for the active map is defined by the Zoom option which is 4 by default.

Finally, the Scrollwheel zoom type option offers you the choice to disable scrolling on the map, enable it or make it "cooperative" - which means that the map can be zoomed only by pressing the CTRL key while scrolling.

Main view settings

Under this section, you can change the default width and height of the map container, theme and styles and select the default templates.


The Width and Height options allow you to set a custom width/height to the map container, whether a relative percentage(%) of the parent container or the fixed width in pixels, respectively.

Depending on whether you have the EasyDNNnews module installed and/or the Routes widget enabled or not, you can choose the default templates for each of them, respectively.

Map view settings

Under this section, you can change options such as enabling/disable the map dragging, visibility of certain buttons, visibility of certain map layers and the visibility of default Google Maps controls.


Disable dragging - allows you to disable the map's dragging feature which can be always enabled, always disabled or disabled only on mobile devices.

Show "My Location" button - enables you to toggle the "My Location" button which you can use to center the map on your current location.

Show places search - enables you to toggle the search input which allows you to search the map and center it to the searched location. This option also allows you to additionally restrict the search to a specific country.

Center map on user's geolocation when initializing the map - if enabled, centers the map on your location after it has been rendered.

The Show a Zoom button for markers and Show a Street view button for markers options allow you to show the appropriate button for these options.

The Bicycling, Transit and Traffic map layer options allow you to enable/disable the appropriate map layer.

The options under the Google maps controls visibility block allow you to choose whether or not you want to show or hide specific Google controls on the map interface.

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