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Comment notifications

To set up the notification delivery for new forum content such as when a user posts a new topic in a category you are subscribed to or when a user posts a comment in a topic you are subscribed to you should first enable the Enable notifications option in the forum settings. Then you will have a choice of whether you want the subscribed users to receive DNN notifications, email notifications (HOST SMTP) or both.

For this option to work properly you should first setup your SMTP server under Servers > Server Settings > SMTP server and then under Notification settings in forum settings do the following:

  • Choose a name for the sender (you) to specify who is sending the notifications
  • Enter a sender e-mail address
  • Enter an e-mail address which will recieve all the user feedback

After these steps have been completed, desired notifications will automatically be sent to subscribers regarding new content, as well as the status change of moderated content.

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