Version history 2.x

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Version history 2.x

Version 2.0.

  • added native (DNN) comments. EasyDNN Simple Forum supports Facebook comments or native comments where a Facebook account isn't required
  • added permissions for adding topics
  • added  permissions for viewing topics
  • added permissions for commenting topics
  • added permissions for moderating topics
  • added the possibility of reviewing topics before publishing
  • added the Draft or Publish topic status
  • added the possibility of reviewing comments before publishing
  • added the possibility of choosing between two HTML editors - Simple HTML editor and CKEditor
  • added the possibility of sending notifications via DNN notifications or via email (SMTP)
  • added the notifications about new topics, comments, necessity for moderating topics and comments
  • added the possibility of subscribing to notifications on the category level or only to a topic
  • unregistered users can also register to notifications by leaving an email address and verification of the email address
  • notification templates enable adjustment of layout and content of notifications
    • notifications about new comments work only when native comments are used. If using Facebook comments, then Facebook’s notification system is used
  • added threaded comments
  • selecting an order of comments display (order by)
  • comments can be added by registered or non-registered users (Google Captcha)
  • added the option to like comments and display users who liked comments
  • added upvoting/downvoting comments and displaying the users who upvoted/downvoted
  • added reporting of inappropriate comments
  • added the option to reply to the selected comment
  • adding comment quotation
  • admin users and moderators can edit, approve, delete or reject a comment
  • display an avatar next to the username (selecting a DNN avatar or Gravatar)
  • added a direct link to comment
  • added paging for comments
  • the layout is based on razor templates, enabling adjustment of the layout to your needs
  • added the possibility of auto-posting a new topic to a Facebook page
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