Facebook comments initial settings

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Facebook comments initial settings


Setting up the Facebook APP integration, as well as the appearance and sorting method of Facebook comments.

To integrate with Facebook comments, you need to provide a valid Facebook APP ID as well as a valid Facebook App Secret key. Both values are generated after creating a Facebook application. A tutorial on how to create a Facebook application can be found here.

Facebook comments can also work without the Facebook APP ID and Facebook App Secret, in which case there is no way to moderate the comments, so it is recommended to fill in both values. In the Facebook application, it is also advised to add a Callback URL that allows you to receive a notification when someone adds or deletes a comment. A callback URL can only be added to sites using the HTTPS protocol.

Number of comments per page - Setting the amount of Facebook comments per page

Color sheme - Choosing the default color scheme for Facebook comments amongst two versions (Light and Dark)

Order by - Sorting method for Facebook comments. Comments can be sorted by Social network, (regular) Time or Reverse time

Facebook autoposting enabled - Connect to Facebook and select one of your Facebook pages for new thread autoposting. Make sure you have entered a correct Facebook APP ID and Facebook App Secret key.

Important notice for module setup and comment display

Facebook comments are bound to links. The Absolute link from the site is the ID for the comments. That's why it is important to make sure not to change the page name once the forum has been made public, because comments that have already been added will not be displayed due to the change in page name or URL.

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