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EasyDNNmailChimp Plus User's manual

Manual synchronization

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Manual synchronization

EasyDNNmailChimp Plus module allows you to sync DNN users with MailChimp lists and groups. There is also the possibility of syncing MailChimp list fields and DNN user profile fields. Furthermore, it is possible to sync only users with an active membership in a DNN role. The true/false DNN user profile property can also be used what is useful if you want to e.g. ask users to subscribe for your newsletter when registering to your website.

There are three methods of syncing users:

Subscribe new users
Sync all users
Get user info (from the MailChimp list field in the DNN property fields

In order to manually sync DNN users, navigate to the Users tab in the module. Here you can configure all parameters of the sync process. When you are all set, click on the Start button and user will be synced.

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