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EasyDNNmailChimp Plus User's manual

Version history 8.x

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Version history 8.x

Version 8.7.

  • fixed the issue with filtering of articles in scheduled campaigns
  • fixed the issue with selecting of an instance where article details will be opened  in news regular/scheduled campaigns
  • fixed the issue with subscribing of users in a multiportal environment

Version 8.6.

  • Significant improvement in performance
  • Other fixes and small improvements

Version 8.5

  • DNN/Evoq 9.1 compatible version – Telerik free
  • After the announcement that Telerik will be removed from DNN/Evoq we’ve managed to successfully replace 
  • the Telerik controls with our own solutions
  • It is strongly recommended to use 8.5 version of the module with DNN/EVOQ 9.1 or higher
  • bug fixes

Version 8.2

  • the possibility of integration DNN users with MailChimp list
  • registered users can manage in sign-up form lists and groups to which they are subscribed
  • bug fixes

Version 8.1

  • Custom SQL Queries for User sync and Scheduled sync
    • the possibility of querying an external database
    • the possibility of creating custom SQL queries
    • the possibility of linking MailChimp list fields with the columns from SQL queries
  • EasyDNNnews campaigns
    • the possibility of manually selecting articles for campaign   
    • possibility to restrict article selection by date range
    • possibility to set campaign title based on article title, date or campaign subject
  • Other
    • possibility to localize MailChimp merge fields displayed in the sign-up form
    • possibility to localize title and subtitle fields displayed in the sign-up form
    • pop-up form stats
    • successful subscription stats
    • improved interface
    • bug fixes
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