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EasyDNNnews automated campaigns

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EasyDNNnews automated campaigns

EasyDNNnews automated campaigns are similar to regular campaigns, only in this case the whole process is automated and emails are sent periodically. The sending time can be daily, weekly and monthly. The campaigns are sent only when the sending criteria are met, i.e., only in case of new articles after last email sending. Besides new articles, the email can also contain older articles.

In order to create an EasyDNNnews automated campaign, navigate to the Campaigns tab in the module. Click on the Create new campaign button. In the next step select EasyDNNnews Regular Campaign.

(2) List - choose a list of users to whom the email will be sent. (3) Setup – in this step set up the sending period and set filtering of articles that will be included in the emails. (4) Template – select a template for the emails. (5) Design – in this step you can edit the template and make additional modifications of the template. By clicking on the Next button you will schedule your campaign. You can find the list of scheduled campaigns when you navigate to the Campaigns page.

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