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EasyDNNmailChimp Plus User's manual

Creating and sending campaigns

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Creating and sending campaigns

Campaigns are the emails that you send with MailChimp. In the EasyDNNmailChimp Plus module you can create campaigns within the module, but you are free to create campaigns within your account at In other words, you can use the module for adding of signup forms to your website, syncing of your site members (DNN users) with your MailChimp list and groups, but at the same time you can choose where you will create campaigns.

In EasyDNNmailChimp module you can create three types of campaigns.

MailChimp regular campaign – create emails from your own content.
EasyDNNnews regular campaign – create emails from the articles published in the EasyDNNnews module. You select articles and the sending time every time when you create a campaign.
EasyDNNnews automated campaings – automate creation of emails from the articles published in the EasyDNNnews module. Daily, weekly and monthly emails can be sent.

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