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MegaMenu module

Add the MegaMenu module on a page. The best and the most practical way is to put it in Admin > Page Management.

A list of installed themes that support the EasyDNNmegaMenu module appears, as well as the menu with pages that are in the main theme menu.

Select a theme that you will use for page display and in which the MegaMenu module will be placed (in our example it is Galore).

Select a page on which you want to use the Mega Menu and click on the Mega Menu button.

By using the slider   

  adjust the number of columns and by pressing the key 
 update the number of the columns.

You can select the width of the MegaMenu as „Normal“ (from an Parent link in the main menu to the width of the main menu), „Page“ (wide as a page, i.e. the main content in the selected theme) and „Full“ (from-to the borders of the browser).

Adding of HTML in MegaMenu

You can add your own content to one of the positions (Top, Right, Bottom, Left) that are supported by MegaMenu.

When adding or updating content, it is neccessary to press the 


Content in the positions Left and Right is added to the existing columns, i.e. if 4 columns are selected in MegaMenu and content in the Left and Right position, the first and forth columns are intended for placing HTML content while Child pages are distributed in the second and third column.

Content in the Top and Bottom position is placed above/below all columns and content in the Left and Right positions.

HTML content can be individually placed in MegaMenu (without associated  Child pages of Parent page).

HTML content is edited by pressing the button

 and deleted (cut out of MegaMenu) by pressing the button

Generating of Megamenu

When setting up the MegaMenu, after the changes in the number of columns, the changes in the content, content deleting, the most important is to generate templates in MegaMenu by pressing the key


After that, refresh the page and under the parent page there will be the mega menu. 

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