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Installing themes and portal templates

With the EDS Theme Collection you get 6 themes. Here you can learn how to install them. The process described here is the same for all the themes in the collection.


  1. Download a theme from the DNN store.
  2. Unzip the downloaded file. It contains a folder with the install files, portal templates and modules that are shipped with the theme.


  3. Login to your DNN site as a super user (host)
  4. Go to Host > Extensions > Install Extension Wizard.
  5. Install the theme file (from the Install folder)
  6. Install the containers (from the Install folder)
  7. Install the modules that come with the theme (StyleWizard, OnePageModule and MegaMenu). If you purchased the version of the collection with the modules, in this step you can also install these modules (EasyDNNnews, EasyDNNgallery, EasyDNNrotator, EasyDNNmaps and EasyDNNmailChimp).  
  8. Set the installed theme as the theme that will be used on the site. Go to Admin > Site settings > Basic Settings > Appearance. Set the installed theme as Site Theme and Site Container. If you want to you can also set Edit theme and Edit Container.
  9. If you don’t want to install the portal template (the portal template creates a copy of our demo site) proceed to step 10. If you want to install the portal template you first need to upload it in the folder /Portals/_default/ (root folder of the site). You can upload the template by using FTP or by using the File Manager in DNN.

    In case that you will use the File Manager for uploading the portal file, you need to add “resources” as allowed file type. This can be done in Host > Host settings > Other settings.

    Go to Host > File Manager and upload the portal template from the Portal template folder to /Portals/_default/ (root folder of the site).


  1. Go to Admin > Site Wizard to load the portal template. Select the template of the theme that you want to use, set the default theme file (home or page.ascx) and select a container that would be a default template.

Go to the home page of the site. If you haven’t installed the portal templates, add the StyleWizard module to the page. If you have installed the portal templates the StyleWizard module is already on the page and you don’t need to add it again. Switch the page in the Edit mode and enter your invoiceID to activate the theme.

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