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Skin Object

SkinObject enables adding a code in a skin/theme that can load the Accessibility module widget with no need to add the module to all pages. In this case, the module is loaded on every page where is used the skin/theme ascx file with the code.

Skin Object enables customizing the opening of the widget. For example, there is no need for the widget icon to be always visible on the site, but the widget can be opened by clicking on the icon added in the page header or similar location.

There are a few options that enable the adjusting of the widget that is loaded by using the skin object.

A few options allow for adjusting the widget display that is called with the help of the skin object. The detailed description of options and the instructions for adding the code can be found in the module settings.

To enable the SkinObject mode, it is necessary to add the module on a page (that can even be hidden). In the settings of the Accessibility module that you want to use with the skin object, enable the option “Enable skin object” that you can find under the tab Skin Object.

By enabling this option, the displaying of the widget on the module instance level is disabled, and the displaying is enabled by adding the skin object into the skin/theme.


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